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About PBT

I believe the importance of a picture is immeasurable.  

A picture can make you feel so many things.  I am able to capture a memory and make someone feel that memory every time they look at that picture.  If people only knew how very happy that makes me.  I love weddings…the emotions are so present and so apparent, just waiting for me to grab them and translate them into an image.  

I'm very lucky to have the privilege of doing this every weekend.  

I started Portraits By Tara in May 2009, after working as a portrait studio manger 2004-2009. Although at first I focused mainly on children and family portraits, I quickly grew my wedding division and tapped into my valuable experience gained as a private contractor for 3 NJ wedding studios.  Today my photography team includes 7 professionals who share my passion for photography and enable me to serve more clients during our busiest seasons.  

In 2012 I added a photo booth followed by a second booth due to large demand, since then my booths have undergone several upgrades and redesigns perfecting the experience for guests and attendants alike.  Zachary, my photo booth frontman, works tirelessly to keep the photo booth division light and fun while

giving guests memories to last a lifetime.  

My video division was proudly added in 2014. In 2015 Rich became our head videographer and editor. His experience in videography & education has elevated PBT to a level I never thought possible.  

I will never stop learning, I will never stop improving and I will never stop seeking to find and train the best staff to take this journey with me.